Child and Adolescent Psychology: Theory and Practice Cross-Cultural
IED 524
Selected Course Notes and Readings
Summer 2013


Essay: Development - Theirs and Ours

Essay: What Makes Us Human?

Case Study: The Story of Matthew

Course Reference Notes

Notes: Prenatal Development

Notes: The Neonate

Notes: Infant Social & Emotional Development

Notes: Temperament

Notes: Attachment

Notes: Infant Cognitive Development - the Sensori-Motor stage

Notes: The Concepts of Objects

Notes: Infant Memory

Notes: Toddler Social and Emotional Development

Article: Toilet Training

Notes: Development of Communication and Language

Notes: Early Childhood - Preschool

Article: The Oedipus Complex

Article: Controlling Anxiety

Notes: Cognitive Development in Early Childhood - Preoperational Stage

Notes: Sex Role Development

Notes: Social and Emotional Development in Middle Childhood

Notes: Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood

Notes: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Notes: Puberty - Physical

Notes: Social and Emotional Development in Adolescence

Notes: Sexual Values and Behavior

Article: The Girl Crisis Movement: Evaluating the Foundation

Article: Lack of a Voice - Reviving Ophelia Review